Maharshi Kanad Science  Academy


Shikshan Mandal Karad

             We at Shikshan Mandal, Karad genuinely feel that urgent  attention of the educational institutes is required to develop scientific values and  skills among students . By establishing Maharshi Kanad Science Academy, we will open an avenue for the students and teachers to learn competitive skills to bridge the gap between education and  industry. Instead of making the students examination oriented, we aim to teach and train them to  identify the social and economic problems and develop solutions through research. We believe that this generation of students is highly creative and innovative, their perception is powerful, knowledge and information is at their fingertips as they are computer savvy and they are  sensitive towards what is happening around them. Our role will be to motivate them to  scientifically address these problems and offer solutions. We want our students to entre in the mainstream and lead from front in the Nation Building exercise. We recognize the role of the teachers in this entire process.


             We will concentrate on developing  the teaching-learning skills and techniques of the teachers. We will focus not only on the  theoretical knowledge and expertise of the teachers but also on creating awareness among them about practical application of their knowledge and information.

             Our Science Academy will work in the larger interest of the society. Science Academy will be open to all the students,  teachers and trustees of the schools, colleges and educational institutes. Our Science Academy  will be a buzzing Hub of Science and Technology. We welcome you all.

             It is our dream to get recognition as an “Incubator for Start-Ups and New Entrepreneurs”.

              We are proud to establish our Science Academy in the name of Maharshi Kanad, ancient Indian scientist, sage and philosopher, founder of Theory of Atoms.”



Structure of Maharshi Kanad Science Academy:

1. Ownership: Maharshi Kanad Academy will be established by Shikshan Mandal, Karad.

    Status of the Maharshi Kanad Science Academy will be a constituent unit/branch of Shikshan Mandal, Karad. It will be owned, managed        

    and controlled by Shikshan Mandal, Karad.

2. Maharshi Kanad Science Institute will have an Advisory Committee and an Executive Committee.

3. Advisory Committee will be constituted by the Managing Committee of Shikshan Mandal, Karad.

4. Executive Committee will be constituted by the Trustees and the faculty members of the schools and the colleges of the Shikshan

    Mandal, Karad. Members on the Executive Committee will be appointed by the Secretary of the Shikshan Mandal, Karad.

5. Beneficiaries will be members of the Maharshi Kanad Science Academy. Institutional and individual membership will be given by the

     Science Academy.

About Shikshan Mandal, Karad


Established in 1921, Shikshan Mandal is the pioneering Educational Institute in Karad committed for nurturing intelligence, scientific attitude, character, patriotism and social belongingness among its students. Shikshan Mandal is keen to provide various avenues to develop special qualities, skills, capacities in students along with formal education.  Leadership with vision and mass appeal is the USP of Management of Shikshan Mandal, Karad.

                  Shikshan Mandal has an expanse of 3 Pre-Primary, 3 Primary, 4 Secondary schools, Arts, Commerce and Science Junior College, Arts and Commerce Senior College, Institute of Information Technology, 2 hostels exclusively for girl students and working women, Maharshi Kanad Science Academy, Khashaba Jadhav Krida Academy and Centre for Competitive Examinations for Administrative Excellence.


                 Shikshan Mandal has a teaching staff of around 300 well qualified, experienced motivated experts supported by the back office of around 150 sincere, skilled administrative staff. Teaching and non-teaching staff is the strength of Shikshan Mandal. All schools and colleges have spacious buildings, well furnished infrastructure and laboratories with modern equipments, libraries, grounds, auditoriums, school buses, amenities and facilities for students and teachers.


                 Shikshan Mandal is proud of its Alumni who have achieved recognition and fame at international and national level.



Trust of the students and parents is the ‘Capital ’of Shikshan Mandal.